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Everly Top (White square), Adele Skirt (Oxford), Skinny Belt (Brown/Gold), Toms glasses (Available in store only)

Everly Top (White square), Adele Skirt (Oxford), Skinny Belt (Brown/Gold), Toms glasses (Available in store only)

Our favorite summer items are light and airy and work well for the office or a day out on the town.

Our Everly top, in a crisp white embroidered fabric, keeps you cool and makes you look fantastic during the hottest months of the year.


Denim dress shirts are the easiest way to look polished without putting in much effort.

Our Daria Denim adds a flare to typical denim shirts by endorsing a notched mandarin collar rather than the traditional dress shirt collar.

The change in collar allows the user to wear the collar down or pop it up for an edgy look.

The Daria Denim looks great tucked into trousers or hung loose over leggings,

tied at the waist over an A-line skirt or worn as a jacket over a dress,

the possibilities are endless!

Throw on the Daria Top and save yourself the time from rumbling through your closet for the perfect outfit.

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The Janice Dress is back with brighter & bolder colors to reflect this summer’s exuberant energy!

Summer is a time for barbeques with friends, picnics at the park, and getaways to a beach house.

Where ever you are, comfort is essential in keeping up with your fun-filled summer;

but no one wants to choose between cute or comfort.

…and now no one has to!

The Janice Dress will rouse your friends with its classic mod-60s silhouette and provide endless comfort for all your active summer activities.

The light weight knit fabric has a hint of spandex that allows for dynamic movement whenever, where ever.

The question now remains, why have you not picked one up yet?!

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New markdowns are in stores now!

Cozy up to tribal print sweater and leather boots at a great price.

Hurry in! These sweet styles won’t last.

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